Amazing Magic Cyber "Camera"
Magic Cyber 'Camera'
You can test the Cyber "Camera" yourself.
Welcome to the latest in Internet technology, the ability to take a photograph using your monitor. The process is extremely new and, until recently, a closely guarded secret. It uses the harmless emissions given off all modern monitors. These emissions are bounced off the subject and picked up by the computer as minute changes in electrical interference. The computer in turn modulates this interference to produce a signature pattern which is returned to the Internet for processing. Basically, it activates your screen into a light sensitive condition which allows it to work just like a digital camera. This enables you to have a picture of yourself on your very own computer. The whole process is harmless and incurs no charge. If you are not happy with the results you can simply run through the process again – although this should not be necessary if I caught all the remaining bugs. This may sound too good to be true but you're invited to test the "camera" yourself. Just click the link below.
System Requirements: Your computer and monitor should be no more than 10-years old – 15 tops.
Magic  Cyber  "Camera"