Welcome to the 'Do Not Click' page

You are just one of a growing collection of Do Not Clickers who just can't resist clicking 'Do Not Click' buttons. In fact, so far, hundreds of people have clicked this 'Do Not Click' button.

You are so predictable – I knew you would click the 'Do Not Click' button. It attracted you like a moth to a light bulb.

If you came across a big RED button clearly labelled 'Do Not Press' would you press it? I'm sure you would.

What would happen if everyone was like you? I dread to think.

All I ask is that you do not press any more 'Do Not Click' buttons and please tell your friends to also ignore any 'Do Not Click' buttons they may come across.

To summarise, DO NOT CLICK any more 'Do Not Click' buttons!  Is that clear?

Do Not Click