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Sunset March 2018

Van Nuys, California
Moon Rise

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        Full moon1

Twi A: 5:00am
Sunrise: 6:23am
Sunset: 5:49pm
Twi A: 7:13pm
Moonrise: 5:48pm
Moonset: 6:18am
Full Moon: 4:52pm

Twi A: 4:59am
Sunrise: 6:22am
Sunset: 5:50pm
Twi A: 7:13pm
Moonrise: 6:54pm
Moonset: 6:58am

Twi A: 4:57am
Sunrise: 6:21am
Sunset: 5:51pm
Twi A: 7:14pm
Moonrise: 7:57pm
Moonset: 7:35am

Twi A: 4:56am
Sunrise: 6:19am
Sunset: 5:52pm
Twi A: 7:15pm
Moonrise: 8:59pm
Moonset: 8:10am

Twi A: 4:55am
Sunrise: 6:18am
Sunset: 5:53pm
Twi A: 7:16pm
Moonrise: 9:59pm
Moonset: 8:45am

Twi A: 4:54am
Sunrise: 6:17am
Sunset: 5:53pm
Twi A: 7:17pm
Moonrise: 10:57pm
Moonset: 9:21am

Twi A: 4:52am
Sunrise: 6:16am
Sunset: 5:54pm
Twi A: 7:17pm
Moonrise: 11:53pm
Moonset: 9:58am

Twi A: 4:51am
Sunrise: 6:14am
Sunset: 5:55pm
Twi A: 7:18pm
Moonrise: none
Moonset: 10:37am
Last quarter moon9

Twi A: 4:50am
Sunrise: 6:13am
Sunset: 5:56pm
Twi A: 7:19pm
Moonrise: 12:47am
Moonset: 11:19am
Last Qtr: 3:21am

Twi A: 4:48am
Sunrise: 6:12am
Sunset: 5:57pm
Twi A: 7:20pm
Moonrise: 1:38am
Moonset: 12:04pm
11DST Begins

Twi A: 5:47am
Sunrise: 7:10am
Sunset: 6:58pm
Twi A: 8:21pm
Moonrise: 3:27am
Moonset: 1:52pm

Twi A: 5:46am
Sunrise: 7:09am
Sunset: 6:58pm
Twi A: 8:22pm
Moonrise: 4:13am
Moonset: 2:43pm

Twi A: 5:44am
Sunrise: 7:08am
Sunset: 6:59pm
Twi A: 8:22pm
Moonrise: 4:56am
Moonset: 3:37pm

Twi A: 5:43am
Sunrise: 7:06am
Sunset: 7:00pm
Twi A: 8:23pm
Moonrise: 5:36am
Moonset: 4:33pm

Twi A: 5:42am
Sunrise: 7:05am
Sunset: 7:01pm
Twi A: 8:24pm
Moonrise: 6:13am
Moonset: 5:30pm

Twi A: 5:40am
Sunrise: 7:04am
Sunset: 7:02pm
Twi A: 8:25pm
Moonrise: 6:49am
Moonset: 6:29pm
New moon17

Twi A: 5:39am
Sunrise: 7:02am
Sunset: 7:02pm
Twi A: 8:26pm
Moonrise: 7:23am
Moonset: 7:28pm
New Moon: 6:13am

Twi A: 5:37am
Sunrise: 7:01am
Sunset: 7:03pm
Twi A: 8:27pm
Moonrise: 7:57am
Moonset: 8:28pm

Twi A: 5:36am
Sunrise: 7:00am
Sunset: 7:04pm
Twi A: 8:28pm
Moonrise: 8:31am
Moonset: 9:30pm

Twi A: 5:34am
Sunrise: 6:58am
Sunset: 7:05pm
Twi A: 8:28pm
Moonrise: 9:08am
Moonset: 10:33pm

Twi A: 5:33am
Sunrise: 6:57am
Sunset: 7:06pm
Twi A: 8:29pm
Moonrise: 9:47am
Moonset: 11:36pm

Twi A: 5:32am
Sunrise: 6:55am
Sunset: 7:06pm
Twi A: 8:30pm
Moonrise: 10:31am
Moonset: none

Twi A: 5:30am
Sunrise: 6:54am
Sunset: 7:07pm
Twi A: 8:31pm
Moonrise: 11:20am
Moonset: 12:40am
First quarter moon24

Twi A: 5:29am
Sunrise: 6:53am
Sunset: 7:08pm
Twi A: 8:32pm
Moonrise: 12:15pm
Moonset: 1:43am
First Qtr: 8:36am

Twi A: 5:27am
Sunrise: 6:51am
Sunset: 7:09pm
Twi A: 8:33pm
Moonrise: 1:15pm
Moonset: 2:42am

Twi A: 5:26am
Sunrise: 6:50am
Sunset: 7:09pm
Twi A: 8:34pm
Moonrise: 2:18pm
Moonset: 3:37am

Twi A: 5:24am
Sunrise: 6:49am
Sunset: 7:10pm
Twi A: 8:35pm
Moonrise: 3:24pm
Moonset: 4:27am

Twi A: 5:23am
Sunrise: 6:47am
Sunset: 7:11pm
Twi A: 8:35pm
Moonrise: 4:30pm
Moonset: 5:12am

Twi A: 5:21am
Sunrise: 6:46am
Sunset: 7:12pm
Twi A: 8:36pm
Moonrise: 5:35pm
Moonset: 5:52am

Twi A: 5:20am
Sunrise: 6:44am
Sunset: 7:12pm
Twi A: 8:37pm
Moonrise: 6:39pm
Moonset: 6:30am
Full moon31

Twi A: 5:18am
Sunrise: 6:43am
Sunset: 7:13pm
Twi A: 8:38pm
Moonrise: 7:42pm
Moonset: 7:06am
Full Moon: 5:38am

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