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Lesson 1

Salvation and Water Baptism

1. How was man created? Genesis 2:7 page 1

2. What was mankind like? Genesis 1:27 page 1

3. What was mankind’s destiny and dominion? Genesis 1:26 page 1

4. What was mankind’s life like in the garden? Genesis 1:28 page 1

5. What was the one main command given to Adam and Eve? Genesis 2:16-17 page 1

6. How did disobedience and sin enter God’s creation? Genesis 3:1-7 page 2

7. What separated man from God after they disobeyed Him? Genesis 3:8-10 page 2

8. What were the consequences and curses they brought on themselves because of their disobedience to God’s command? Genesis 3:16-19 page 2

9. The just God must pronounce punishment on them, but what hope did He give them in spite of their sin? Genesis 3:15 page 2

10. What was the penalty for sin? Romans 6:23 page 651

11. Who paid the penalty for man’s sin? Romans 5:8 page 650

12. What does God’s offer of restoration offer fallen man? 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 page 667

13. What is the Kingdom objective of salvation? (Hayford’s Bible Handbook): First, the recovery of a former rebel (man) through divine forgiveness, for renewed fellowship with God; and the reinstatement of a former ruler (man) to obedience and rulership under God.

14. What did man’s disobedience bring to the world besides misusing and forfeiting His rule? Ephesians 6:12 page 677, 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 page 667

15. What was the twofold purpose of Jesus’ coming to earth? John 3:16 page 611, Genesis 3:15 page 2, Colossians 2:12-15 page 681

16. What does baptism represent? Romans 6:3-14 page 650

17. What is the purpose of Christ in His church? (Hayford’s Bible Handbook): The purpose of Christ in His church is to extend the ministry He began: (1) Extending the message of Kingdom grace and forgiveness to lost sinners, that they might be restored to fellowship, and (2) extending the message of Kingdom authority and dominion-ministering with love and power through the Holy Spirit’s fullness in their lives to break the bonds of evil, heal human brokenness and need, and begin to partner in the rule of God toward the full restoration of His Kingdom. Luke 4:18-19 page 590, Luke 10:18-20 page 597