Background song: Theme song from TV’s Mr. Ed

T h e   D o o   W o p   H o r s e s

         Welcome to the Doo Wop Horses page – a sort of corny way to make your own music. First off, make sure your sound is turned on. If you can hear the theme song from TV’s Mr. Ed playing in the background you’re okay. In order to view the horses you need to have Flash 5 or greater installed on your computer. You can verify that you have Flash by going to If you see the “Macromedia Flash Player” animation, you have Flash and should be able to view the horses. If you do not get the animation, follow the instructions at that site to download and install the free Flash player. After clicking this link please wait for the entire screen to load up with all four horses and a fence in front of them. Then click on each horse. Re-click on any horse to make it turn off or turn back on again. Try clicking on the horses from left to right, then right to left, then just one, two, or three at a time in any order... It’s fun and a great stress reliever. Enjoy!

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