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If you were a victim of one of the a r s o n wildfires of ’93
or know somebody who was this Web site is for you:

         My name is Thomas Larsen. On November 7, 1993 I was arrested for mailing a number of letters threatening to set wildfires much like those that plagued Southern California for a two week period beginning on October 26, 1993. While I personally had nothing to do with setting – or encouraging others to set – the fires, I was involved with a group of disgruntled ex-convicts in July and August of that year who assisted in the letter-writing campaign. With knowledge I have, I’m fairly certain these individuals carried out the threats that were put down on paper weeks earlier. During interrogation by federal agents I came very close to disclosing all I knew because I didn’t like what these fellas had done. While I’ve openly proclaimed loving to avenge judicial-system misconduct, I’ve always spoken favorably about doing it non violently where no one is physically injured. I am totally against the kind of vengeance the fellas unleashed. But I’m more against having the judicial system disrespect myself, my property, or my money. Add to that deceit on the day of my arrest and I shut down real quick. They had nothing coming from me. At that time I never expected my self-imposed silence would remain in effect for more than a few weeks; if at that. But with one judicial-system misbehavior after another I was bound and determined to let the fellas stay out among the free a while longer. I even turned down all the interview requests I received from numerous members of the news media so I wouldn’t have to give them up. As early as February 1994 United States Marshals knew of the information I was holding back and what it would take to un self-impose me. As early as February 1995 the Federal Bureau of Prisons, including officials in Washington D.C., knew. And as I moved from one prison to another more staff members became aware of what I was holding back. Then, once I was released on supervision a psychotherapist I was forced to see knew. Oddly, no one seemed to care. It still puzzles me how little the judicial system cared about bringing the real culprits to justice once I was sentenced and shuffled off to prison. Narcissistic me not caring is very understandable – but them? Shouldn’t those who lost their homes expect more? Hmmm.
         Anyway, that’s where this book comes in. I expose who the arsonists are, how I know that, and what it will take to bring them into custody along with how the feds – with assistance from the Bakersfield Police Department – botched their opportunity to arrest them back on day one. Plus, I cover the details of what led up to – according to police as reported in The Bakersfield Californian (August 24, 1993, front page) – “Kern County’s costliest single incident of vandalism.” (Yes, it was the same fellas there too.)
         My first edition hit the streets in printed form in July 1998. Before then only fellow prison inmates saw my in-progress draft. A short time later I converted it to an HTML document and published it here for free on my Web site. Without access to a scanner at the time I did not include copies of the various threatening letters mailed just weeks before the first fire ever started or any of the other documents which are in the printed version. Although readers are welcome to buy the printed version (see details later), the full text is now reproduced here for free. If you’re interested in rounding the guys up – or just curious why it all happened – I tell ya what it will take. Besides a fancier look to the site since it first appeared, I’ve made some revisions and included some more details previous readers found lacking. If you found your way to this page by way of a search engine search on a particular person’s, place’s, or organization’s name be rest assured you’re in the right place. While that name isn’t on this particular page, it is in the book.
         My entire book (which contains 273 pages in the printed version) is on one single 1.5 megabyte long Web page accessed by clicking the button below. Although it begins showing up on the screen almost immediately, it will take awhile to load the later chapters into memory if you have a slow connection. Once loading is complete it will be easy for you to search back and forth using not only internal links between the Table of Contents and all chapters, but also the Find command in your browser’s Edit menu.
         Those wishing to comment, or even criticize me for holding back this long, can E-mail me by clicking the link below. Please keep it brief and put “Fedbuster” in the subject line. All the victims deserve closure. This is a first step. Now –



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