Judicial System,

         If you have been directed to this page it is because I am concerned you may violate me in some way – whether it be me personally, or – Heaven forbid – MY property or MY money. While you may not know me personally, the judicial system is fully aware I am hyper-sensitive to violations even in the slightest of ways. Recognizing this innate weakness some years ago (when it was much less severe) I prepared several documents for judicial system personnel in hopes it would enlighten them to my disabilities and treat me accordingly. Sometimes it worked – but sadly, sometimes it didn’t – leading me to avenge their actions in ways I’m typically inclined to do. These are dark tunnels I don’t wish to revisit. To accomplish this goal I need your help. Please study over the below documents and proceed with caution in your dealings with me. Thank you – and society will surely thank you.
         All of these documents are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) format including my two books, Revenge on the Judicial System: Don’t Get Mad Get Even! and Fedbuster: The Southern California Wildfires of ’93. Besides being pdf files you can download and read while offline, these two books are also Web sites available for free that anyone can view. The first was written while I was in prison and distributed in paper form in the late 1980s to help vent anger over what the judicial system had done to me in that particular case. The second, while detailing my entire criminal history, mainly explores my involvement in the widely-publicized fires that swept through Southern California in the later part of October 1993. Misbehavior by judicial system personnel in that case alone sent my hyper-sensitivity and anger to the ceiling, chipping away at the few remaining pieces of “plaster.” This book is worth the read for anyone wishing to help me remain in remission. Happy reading....

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Medical Advisory Agreement (30 Kb)
Medical Advisory/Information (212 Kb)
OATH (34 Kb)
Statement of Judicial Debts Receivable (2.9 Mb)
Revenge on the Judicial System: Don’t Get Mad Get Even! (3 Mb)
Revenge (back cover) (75 Kb)
Fedbuster: The Southern California Wildfires of ’93 (9.2 Mb)

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Revenge on the Judicial System: Don’t Get Mad Get Even!
Fedbuster: The Southern California Wildfires of ’93