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          Where you are it is Welcome everybody. And an extra special welcome to all my friends at OLI. My name is Anthony Polumbo. I’m looking for women to contact, exchange pictures with, and date during this time in my life. I’m 60-years old, single, white, 6-feet tall, and weigh 175 pounds. A friend with me is a friend for life. I’m into swimming, playing pool, horseback riding, country music, and going to the beach, amusement parks, and also the fabulous & exciting Las Vegas, Nevada – city of entertainment. I also enjoy writing to people. Life’s a gamble; take a chance with me for a wonderful friendship. Please write me at:

Anthony Polumbo
1603 Kemper St.
Los Angeles, CA  90065-1957

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And if you get tired writing after awhile just kick back and play a game for a few minutes or so.
Or maybe you’d like to have some other fun. There’s a lot to see and you’ll surely get a laugh or two. While you tour around my site one thing you’ll notice is that many of the pages have songs playing in the background. If you would like to create some music of your own click here. And when you’re ready to leave my site click here. But be sure to come back though. This homepage changes throughout the year with different holiday themes, and as new things come to mind I’ll add them. Hopefully I will leave no stone unturned. Oh, and one more thing... if you have a slow dial-up connection and this page takes a bit longer to load than you’d like, well, hang in there. Or grin and bear it. – – Or whatever floats your boat. Just don’t have a cow.

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