Listed below in order of distance from me are a number of cities where people I care about live. Each one displays the current temperature and time in that time zone. By clicking on one of the cities a new window will open and you will be taken to a Web site where more detailed weather and sky information will be displayed.

Here’s wishing clear skies to you all...

Exeter, CA Forecast

Arroyo Grande, CA Forecast

Van Nuys, CA Forecast

Los Angeles, CA Forecast

Perris, CA Forecast

Redding, CA Forecast

Cornelius, OR Forecast

Livingston, TX Forecast

Houston, TX Forecast

Nashville, TN Forecast

Hamilton, OH Forecast

Middleport, OH Forecast

Parkersburg, WV Forecast

Bedford, PA Forecast

Claysburg, PA Forecast

Patton, PA Forecast

Lakeland, FL Forecast

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